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The National Park Service is preparing a Development Concept Plan (Plan) for Harmony Hall. The Plan will address issues currently facing the site, and will provide park management with a framework for actions relating to the protection of resources, evaluate opportunities for visitor use and experience, expand coordination with public and private partners, and be a vehicle for the assessment of the cumulative effects of completed and proposed actions.

The 65-acre Harmony Hall property is located in Fort Washington, Maryland and became an NPS site in the 1960s. The property is bordered by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission's treatment facility, private property owners, the Harmony Hall Regional Center, Broad Creek, and Livingston Road. The Harmony Hall site represents a complex history that is associated with Native American occupation, enslaved people, and the civil rights movement. The social and physical history of the site will inform the direction and recommendations for the future use and development of the site.

Today, the Harmony Hall property contains the Harmony Hall manor house and the ruins of the dwelling known as Want Water.

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Chief of Resource Management
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