Stickfoot Branch Stream Restoration Environmental Assessment (EA)

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The National Park Service, National Capital Parks-East, in collaboration with the District Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE), with funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and DC Water and Sewer Authority, will prepare an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the development of restoration design plans for a portion of Stickfoot Branch located on National Park Service (NPS) and District of Columbia property in SE Washington, DC (the District).

The purpose of the project is to restore a portion of Stickfoot Branch that will encourage functional uplift while reducing impacts to existing trees and provide long term stability at the site. Reduce stream bank erosion and channel bed incision to encourage long term stability. Specifically, this project will ensure long-term protection and stabilization of existing sanitary and stormwater infrastructure; improve hydrologic, hydraulic, geomorphic, physiochemical, vegetative, and biological conditions in the project area; and minimize impacts to the National Park and it's natural and cultural resources.

The EA will evaluate two alternatives—a no action alternative and natural stream channel restoration alternative. This alternative will create a new stream channel, either within or adjacent to the existing one, which will be connected to the historic floodplain by filling the existing eroded stream channel to approximately pre-disturbance levels. This method of restoration facilitates raising the streambed to connect the historic floodplain within an alignment developed to limit grading and reduce tree impacts.

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