Ahwahnee Hotel Boiler Conversion (YH 2021)

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The two boilers in the basement of the Ahwahnee Hotel need to be converted to propane per the Yosemite Hospitality contract and the park's priority to minimize use of diesel equipment. The diesel tank at the Ahwahnee had a measurable leak and has been decommissioned and will be removed in early 2021.

This project will convert the existing diesel boiler to propane. This requires the following actions:

- Isolate the electrical and mechanical hook ups to existing boiler.
- Remove and dispose of the existing burners.
- Install two new propane gas burners, a new gas train with gas vent, and gas sensing switch.
- Expand the tank farm with a 25-foot by 30-foot concrete pad with 2-inch vapor barrier
- Add 4 x 1,000 gallon tanks with required 7-foot spacing
- Construct a cyclone fence requiring approximately 13 posts with associated ground disturbance for each pole of 3-feet deep by 2-feet in diameter
- Trenching from the tank farm will use existing utility trench but additional ground disturbance will include minimal new disturbance

Construction time frame - Q1or 2 2021

Staging areas - 10x20 area in the back dock area of the Ahwahnee

Mitigations - Temporary heat/hot water outage during main system conversion. Less than 4 hours during the day. Guests will be notified. Contractor may recycle waste at preferred recycling center. Follow the YH SPCC plan for the site location and spill prevention.