Ahwahnee Hotel Swimming Pool Repairs (YH 2021)

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Older pools, specifically pools plumbed with copper, often have small nearly undetectable leaks. The act of draining, leaving a pool empty for some time and then refilling will often cause minor shifts in surrounding soils and the pool structure itself causing these minor leaks to grow. Frequent piping failures, pool cracks, and tile spalling have caused excessive and costly repairs.

The Ahwahnee pool was installed in 1964. As such it is not historical or considered a contributing element, although it is in a historic district. Repairs that result in changes to the appearance of the pool may impact the historic character of the landscape of this National Historic Landmark.

1. Drain pool to approved cleanout and drill relief holes.
2. Manage onsite inspections with Park Service Environmental Health, including up to 4 onsite Inspection meetings with Park Service Inspector.
3. Strip existing plaster back to original gunite shell and haul away debris.
4. New plastic wall steps at deep end grab rails to be installed at plaster.
5. Reconfigure existing entry steps at pool shallow end entry steps to meet current code. Existing top step tread does not extend out the required 21"-24" per code. The remaining steps will be reconfigured per code.
6. Saw cut floor at existing deep end main drain and split the existing plumbing the required 36" per code. Saw cut wall at existing skimmer equalizer lines and split plumbing the required 36" per code.
7. Plumbing to be upsized per code. (3) Three total. This will include a 3-inch drain line, 3-inch suction line, and 3-inch return line. The required trenching for this will come from the pool equipment room and then around the circumference of the pool. It is proposed to be 200-feet long and 18-inches by 24-inches.
8. Install commercial nonskid trim tile at shallow end entry steps.
9. Color - Match existing. Install new commercial nonskid tile at belly band/ break line per code. Color - Match existing.
10. Remove and replace existing waterline tile with new standard 6x6 tile. Existing tiles not available, samples to be provided.
Includes commercial 6x6 waterline depth markers installed per code.
11. Remove and replace existing coping with new safety grip precast coping. Color to match as close as possible. Includes new mastic expansion joint between new coping and existing concrete decking.
12. Saw cut concrete decking, supply and install new commercial nonskid deck markers.
13. Saw cut concrete decking, supply and install new commercial NO DIVE deck markers.
14. Supply and install new commercial 3 bend entry rail at pool shallow end entry steps. Existing rail is not to code.
15. Install new commercial deep end ladder at existing ladder location. New ladder to be installed per code and manufacturer's specifications.
16. Plaster pool with (2) two coats of premium white plaster. New VGB compliant drain covers installed at time of plaster, per code.