1970's overhead view of the Jaite Paper Mill - before above ground structures were removed

Jaite Paper Mill

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The National Park Service will be releasing for public review a Draft Engineering Evaluation Cost Analysis (EE/CA) for the Jaite Paper Mill Site located in Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The Jaite Paper Mill Site (Site) is located within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a unit of the National Park Service (NPS), located in Brecksville, Ohio. The 30-acre Site is the former location of the Jaite Paper Mill. The mill was originally constructed in 1905 and operated continually until 1984, by which time the size of the plant had grown to 180,000 square feet. The mill originally produced paper bags for flour and cement with pulp produced in-house from rags and wood (NPS, 1979). Pulp was later imported from outside sources. Other products produced through the years of mill operations included fertilizer bags, bread sacks, rope, high quality kraft paper, and corrugated boxes (NPS, 1979; EDG, 1993).

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