1895 Olmsted Firm Plan for the Village of Pinehurst. Given Memorial Library and Tufts Archives.

Pinehurst National Historic Landmark District Study

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The National Park Service (NPS) is undertaking an integrity and condition study of the Pinehurst National Historic Landmark (NHL) District. Designated by the Secretary of the Interior in 1996, the Pinehurst NHL District is significant for its extraordinary role in the development of the sport of golf and resort communities and for its association with golfer and golf course designer Donald Ross. Designed by the prominent landscape architecture firm of Olmsted, Olmsted, and Eliot, the District encompasses "a designed network of curvilinear roads embracing the village green in a lush evergreen landscape...on which late-Victorian, Colonial Revival, and Bungalow-style hotels, cottages, stores and churches were built, golf courses were laid out," as well as a multitude of other recreational venues (Pinehurst Historic District National Historic Landmark Nomination, 1996).

While many buildings have architectural significance individually, it is their cohesive physical setting in the overall designed recreational resort landscape that remains paramount to conveying the national significance of Pinehurst. The combined collective features which characterize the Pinehurst NHL District are observed primarily within the carefully planned landscape, including the arrangement of open spaces, plantings, and the curvilinear road system, rather than the specific architectural details of individual buildings.

The National Park Service monitors the condition of National Historic Landmarks to ensure that they continue to possess the historic qualities for which they were designated. As a part of the monitoring process, the NPS is commissioning a study from Richard Grubb & Associates, Inc. that will document, in narrative and graphic formats, major changes that occurred within and adjacent to the district since its designation in 1996. The effort involves research, a field survey, photographic documentation, Geographic Information Systems analysis, and public engagement. The assessment will also examine current and future projects and trends that may affect the integrity of the Pinehurst NHL District. The NPS hopes that the information contained in this study will aid in the stewardship of the NHL by providing policy makers and the public with a better understanding of the District.

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