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This is a request for a programmatic Categorical Exclusion (CE) to continue to issue Commercial Use Authorizations (CUA) to companies delivering travel trailers and motorhomes to campgrounds in the park for clients with camping reservations This programmatic CE will cover CUAs issued beginning on January 1, 2021.

The activity is a front country-based activity and does not enter wilderness. A change to the CUA will add delivery of motorhomes in addition to travel trailers. This is not a high use activity and has only had one business apply in the past. The increase in attempted RV deliveries to park campgrounds has prompted this change. Deliveries are only authorized to be made at campgrounds on the reservation system. The permit holder will remove the trailer from the park by the designated check out time upon expiration or cancellation of the reservation. The client must purchase the campground reservation. Drivers are to meet California Vehicle Code requirements. This Commercial Use Authorization will be issued as an" out-of-park" CUA which requires that the visitor service originate and terminate outside of the boundaries of the park. The authorization holder is not authorized to advertise, solicit business, collect fees, or sell any goods or services within the boundaries of the park area.) The CUA will only be issued for a period of 1 calendar year at a time. Companies must apply for a new CUA each new year. The CUA holder is regulated by the terms and conditions of the CUA which is administered and managed by the Yosemite National Park, Commercial Use Authorization Office in conjunction with the Yosemite National Park Protection Division. The CUA holder must obtain additional authorizations for commercial activities not covered under this CUA. The CUA holder is required to obtain any additional permits or license required by law. The CUA holder is required to submit an annual report listing the total number of vehicle deliveries to the park, the total number of clients and the annual gross receipts collected from conducting their business in the park.

Park campgrounds with sites available by reservation are limited to the following:
• Upper Pines (only campground requiring reservations all year)
• Lower Pines
• North Pines
• Wawona (April - October)
• Crane Flat
• Hodgdon (April - October)
• Tuolumne Meadows (50% by reservation)

The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a tool required by the National Park Service to regulate and oversee the commercial use of National Park Service lands not regulated under a Concessions Management contract.