Wilsonia Land Exchange: Acquire Portion of KICA 04-177 in Exchange for NPS Developed Parcels

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The National Park Service (NPS) is seeking public input on a Notification of Realty Action (NORA) which proposes to acquire a portion of parcel KICA 04-177 and dispose of several NPS developed parcels in Wilsonia in Kings Canyon National Park. All federal properties disposed of would be exchanged with deed restrictions to ensure the protection of sensitive natural and cultural resources in perpetuity.


The NPS currently owns ten improved parcels of land in Wilsonia, CA, a small community within Kings Canyon National Park. Purchased by the NPS with the intent of restoring the parcels to natural conditions, ten of the eleven structures on these properties (two structures are on one parcel) were identified as contributing resources to the Wilsonia Historic District when it was listed on the National Register in 1996. The structures on these properties were therefore never torn down but rather have remained vacant since acquisition (pre-1983) and have not been regularly maintained outside of securing the buildings from entry and painting the exterior of two structures. In 2012, the NPS began evaluating a number of alternatives to determine what should be done with these properties and completed an environmental assessment (EA) for the Disposal Plan for National Park Owned Structures in Wilsonia in March, 2013. The Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) associated with the EA, signed February 13, 2014, describes the reasoning behind selecting a multi-faceted approach [Alternative G] to disposing of these structures, which includes disposal via land exchange.

In September 2018, the NPS announced a Request for Expression of Interest in the exchange of federally owned, improved residential properties at Wilsonia, Kings Canyon National Park, for privately owned, unimproved properties within the boundaries of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The NPS received seven exchange proposals from private parties; only one of which chose to move forward with an exchange.

The attached map illustrates the location of the NPS properties offered for exchange and that of the landowner that has expressed an interest in moving forward with an exchange. The exchange(s) will be for fee interest in the land.


NPS Tract Number: Portion of KICA 04-177, 0.77 acres (unimproved)


KICA 01-149 (83688 Cedar), 0.3 acres (developed)
KICA 03-161 (Grant Lane), 0.2 acres (developed)
KICA 01-114 (83736 Park Road), 0.1 acres (developed)
KICA 01-156 (83681 President's Lane), 0.15 acres (developed)


The NORA and Exchange Map for review and feedback can be accessed through the "document list" link on the left of this page.

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Feedback may also be mailed to:

Realty Officer
Pacific West Land Resources Program Center
333 Bush St., Ste. 500
San Francisco, CA 94104

Public feedback will be accepted through midnight October 11, 2022.

Contact Information

Elly Boerke: 559-565-3102