Place Visitor Contact Kiosk in Bridalveil Creek Campground

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The park proposes to place a pre-built 5' x 10' kiosk building next to the existing self-registration station in the Bridalveil Creek Campground across from A loop. The park is planning to switch this campground from a "first come first serve" basis to reservation only. The purpose of the kiosk is to create a safe area, out of the elements, where campground staff and visitors can interact. Additionally, the kiosk will serve as a sheltered location for staff to maintain records and organization. The kiosk was previously removed from the Wawona campground and is currently located in the Wawona building and grounds maintenance yard. Facilities staff would relocate it to the Bridalveil Creek campground.

Compacted fill and gravel will be added to the surface to create a level base that does not promote wood rot. No subsurface anchoring will be necessary, as the kiosk is on skids. No power or data lines need to be run to the shelter thus no trenching would be necessary for any utility connections. Phone access is available at the host site for staff use; no internet is needed. Solar panels will be added to the kiosk to provide a small amount of power to the building to run a fan.