El Portal Residential Garage Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Conversion at 5567 Foresta Road

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The homeowner (Eamon Schnieder) proposes to convert an existing garage to an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) at 5567 Foresta Rd. El Portal, CA 95318.

Project Summary: The resident/homeowner would convert an existing garage/accessory structure to an additional dwelling unit (ADU). The ADU would meet all applicable building codes and be permitted through the Mariposa County Building Department.

Demolition: No demolition is planned, however, there may be framing members or other things discovered during the course of work that are in need of replacement. Some framing members may need to be stripped to receive new finishes. See "Demolition notes" on sheet A-2 for more information and requirements.

Grading and Earthwork: All of the proposed work will be inside the existing structure. No excavation or expansion of the structure footprint is proposed. There will need to be a small condensing unit for the air conditioning system on the north side of the building. The exact location of that unit will be determined by the mechanical contractor.

New Construction: The existing structure will be insulated and waterproofed. Doors and windows are to be added or replaced as shown on the plans. Interior partition walls to be added as shown on plans. Plumbing fixtures, appliances, finishes, cabinetry and millwork will be selected by owner and installed as detailed on plans.

Utilities: There is existing electrical service to the building. New circuits will likely need to be added for appliances and such. The electrical contractor shall verify that the existing service panel is of sufficient size to accommodate the actual load, based on the nameplate ratings of the installed appliances, and shall upgrade the panel if necessary. There is existing water service to the building, although it seems that it may not have been properly installed. If repairs or alterations to the existing water service are needed, please advise how to proceed. There is existing sewer service to the building. Portions of the existing concrete slab floors will need to be cut and removed as necessary for installation of new plumbing.

Codes & Permitting: All work shall comply with the 2019 editions of the California Residential Code, Mechanical Code, Electrical Code, Energy Code, and Green Building Code, as well as any other codes or standards adopted by the County of Mariposa and any other Regulatory Agencies. Compliance shall be enforced by the General or Subcontractor at all times.