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T-Mobile Turtleback Dome Cell Site Installation

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On November 10, 2014, T-Mobile West LLC (Permittee) applied to the National Park Service (NPS), for a 10-year Wireless Telecommunications Facility Right-of-Way (ROW) permit to use and occupy the existing Turtleback Dome telecommunications site.

This compliance covers issuance of the ROW as well as T-Mobile's proposal to install new cell equipment at the existing Turtleback Dome telecommunications site. Work includes installing new antennas, hardware in equipment room, electrical upgrade, and a new transformer. The scope of work to be implemented as part of this ROW includes:

• Install (1) new 6201 radio rack and (1) new PBC6200 battery rack
• Install new 200A meter and electrical panel
• Install (3) new antennas on new antenna mounts from 60'-77' up on the existing lattice tower
• Install (6) new tower-mounted units at antennas on the lattice tower

Additional work to be completed which was not included in the original ROW but which will be outlined in T-Mobile's Special Use Permit (SUP) for this action includes:

• Install (8) 25/2 breakers to feed a new battery rack
• Run 120' of new above-ground 3" conduit in red-dyed concrete cap from transformer to new meter main on shelter. Existing conduit is semi-buried and will be dug out to facilitate the alignment of the new conduit.
• Install (1) new 25KVa transformer on new concrete pad on top of existing granite slab.
• Remove (1) existing transformer, concrete pad to remain for grounding of new transformer.

Additionally, the park is requesting that T-Mobile move existing transmitters currently housed in the equipment shelter to the self-supported tower as part of this action.

This project is expected to start August 2020 at the earliest. Any additional work not explicitly outlined above will need to be reviewed and approved by the park through separate compliance completed prior to implementation.