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Residential Housing Area Structure Protection

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This project will reduce fuels within Great Basin National Park's Mission 66 residential and maintenance area including air quality buildings, the observatory, and dump station. Total project area is 17 acres. Project goals are to increase defensible space in the residential and maintenance areas and reduce the risk of structural damage or loss in the event of a fire. Tree cover and density will be reduced by tree removal (thinning) and limbing target species: pinyon pine, juniper and mountain mahogany.

Three prescriptions will be used as outlined by CalFire (
1. All stems within 10 feet of structures will be removed.
2. Between 10 and 100 feet of structures tree densities will be reduced by 50%.
3. Outside of the 100 foot buffer tree densities will be reduced by at least 25%.

Cut material and slash will be removed by a combination of chipping, cut and leave in areas too far from access roads, and firewood disposal to park residents or the local community. Previously thinned areas within the proposed project area will be retreated to meet the prescriptions outlined above. There will be no fire within the proposed project area. NPS fuels or fire crews will conduct treatments.

As required, further documentation has been recorded on the Decision Memorandum on Action for Application of Categorical Exclusion for Hazardous Fuels Reduction Activities (43 CFR 46.210(k)).

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