Relocate the Wildlife Program's Equipment Shed

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The Yosemite Wildlife office was previously located in Yosemite Valley at 9008 Indian Canyon Road and their utility/equipment shed was located adjacent to this building (about 100 feet away). The wildlife management staff use various pieces of field equipment that are often bulky and dirty (traps, nets, bait, radio tracking gear, enclosures, etc.), necessitating a storage solution outside of the office environment. The wildlife office has considered leaving the shed in its present location, however it has proved to be disruptive to their workflow to not have their equipment stored close to their office. Wildlife Management proposes moving the shed from its present location to the proposed location. The proposed location was chosen in coordination with the park Cultural Resources Manager (Scott Carpenter, now retired), in order to minimize visual impacts from the shed being placed in the Village. He suggested changes to the location that would maximize it being placed near screening vegetation and minimize visual impacts.

The park proposes to move the wildlife shed from its existing location to a new location in Yosemite Village near the current wildlife office. The Wildlife Management office storage shed is an 8-foot tall, 12-feet long by 8-feet wide structure currently sitting at 9008 Indian Canyon road, behind the old Wildlife Management office. The park proposes to move the shed to 9000 Cedar Court, adjacent to the new Wildlife Management office.

In order to move the shed, which weighs 3,000 pounds, the park would use a loader. The shed would be placed in the new location on concrete blocks seated on top of the ground. The site would require a small amount of preparation in the form of minor leveling with hand tools so that the eight 12-inch by 12-inch blocks can be placed. The project would result in minor ground disturbance up to 2 inches below grade associated with leveling the site with hand tools. The park would need to move the parking block and a "no parking" sign in order to place the shed in the new location; both of these would be replaced in the same location after the shed has been moved.