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Producing a Development Concept Plan for Kingsley Plantation

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Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve is preparing a Development Concept Plan (DCP) for Kingsley Plantation that will guide future management and development at the site. The park is in the early stages of this process and is seeking public input on possible futures of the site. The NPS welcomes public comment on initial designs as well as recommendations for other options. Please first visit this informational website about the project and plantation at: https://arcg.is/1WC5C9 and then leave your comments here by clicking "open for comment" to the left.

Kingsley Plantation is located on the northernmost point of Fort George Island in Jacksonville, Florida. The plantation, which lies on more than 60 acres, is the oldest surviving example of an antebellum Spanish Colonial plantation. The tabby cabins that were home to enslaved Africans at the site represent one of the largest intact collections of such buildings in the United States and serve as a window into the lives of the enslaved people at the plantation. The cultural landscape of Kingsley Plantation gives a voice to the plantation owners and enslaved Africans who lived and worked there.

The existing management guidance for the Kingsley Plantation is the preserve's General Management Plan (GMP), which was developed in 1996. Several major changes have occurred that call for a reexamination of recommendations in that plan, including archeological discoveries, updated guidance on cultural landscapes, land acquisition, and increases in visitation and traffic. A comprehensive DCP will help planning and land use requirements for the Kingsley Plantation site. The plantation site requires a formalized planning process to provide for resource protection, visitor access, and interpretation. Further, the DCP will help formalize treatment recommendations provided in more recent cultural resource planning.

A DCP for Kingsley Plantation will allow the Preserve to comprehensively reevaluate its vision for the site, including the status of non-historic structures and features on the landscape, and redefine management goals. It will also address cultural landscape treatment, visitor access and circulation, and consider the effects of sea level rise, storm surge, and flooding.

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