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In accordance with Maryland MS4 permit requirements in Part IV, A, National Capital Parks-East, which manages the Suitland and Baltimore-Washington Parkways, will implement a public or personnel education and outreach program designed to help reduce the discharge or pollutants caused by stormwater runoff through the use of developing materials to educate personnel about the impacts of stormwater discharges on receiving waters, why controlling discharges is important, and what personnel and the public can do to reduce pollutants in stormwater.

With limited park staff and 8,000 acres of park property, it is important to engage the public in the park's stormwater management and MS4 programs to seek their support in identifying and reporting any suspected illicit discharges, improper disposal, or spills, or other complaints within the park's MS4 service areas as well as communicate about any stormwater complaints or land disturbing activities.

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