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Aerial view of the Pier, curving around the Aquatic Park Cove, with the Maritime Museum and San Francisco City skyline in the background.,

Municipal Pier Geohazard Survey

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This project will conduct a marine geohazards survey of the waters and substrate around the Municipal Pier (Aquatic Park Pier). The study may require geotechnical techniques such as, but not limited to, sub-bottom profiling, side scan sonar, and physical coring of the sediments. The study will include a geotechnical exploration program consisting of a combination of drilling and sampling of the sediments using boring methods and in-situ methods with cone penetrometer (CPT) probes, laboratory testing of the boring samples and a geotechnical engineering analysis to predict susceptibility of the pier foundation elements to liquefaction and other potential geohazards and to provide a comprehensive analysis of geologic hazards that may affect the Municipal Pier site.

The work will include 8 (eight) corings through the concrete pier deck of Municipal Pier. The exact location of the borings will be determined in the field based on site conditions. The core holes in the deck will be backfilled with concrete.

Drilling will be monitored for silt plumes during coring. Observance of silt plumes will require use of silt curtains or stopping of work until silt clears. The boring method is not anticipated to create impactful noise; however, the area will be monitored for impacts of noise on marine mammals. If impacts are observed, work will be altered to avoid the impact.

Contact Information
Todd Bloch, 415-561-7123