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Installation of Public Water Fountain at ARPO Visitor Center

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This project installs a water fountain for the public outside the visitor center's southern entrance. The fountain will be approximately 29"x24"x24" inches and will have water founts for the general public, an ADA accessible fount, and a fount/bowl for pets. The fountain will be located immediately adjacent to the sidewalk in a currently grassy area. To support the fountain, a concrete pad a maximum of 36"x60"x4" will be constructed. An underground waterline will have to be run from near the current location of an ice machine inside a building recess to the fountain. This necessitates the digging of a trench for the water line. The trench will be immediately adjacent to the current sidewalk/patio and will be 19.5 feet in length, at most 6 inches wide, and at most 19-20 inches deep. Any soil removed for construction of the trench or for the concrete pad will be used to fill the trench after waterline installation. No new soil will be brought in.