Rehabilitate the Bridalveil Creek Campground Water Distribution System for Park Visitors, Phase I

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The project is to rehabilitate the water distribution system at Bridalveil Creek Campground. The campground contains 110 individual campsites, two group campsites, and three equestrian campsites. An average of 14,400 campers visit Bridalveil Creek Campground annually. It is the only established campground on Glacier Point Road and typically opens for ninety days per season. The existing water distribution system provides an average of 2,059 gallons of water per day and a daily maximum production of 5,400 gallons to the campground and day use areas.

The last substantial utility project on this water system was done in 1959 (the pump in the meadow was installed in the 1980's) placing the system at the end of its service life. The existing 10,000-gallon underground water storage tank is not code compliant. The new 10,000-gallon above ground water storage tank will meet code and regulatory requirements of the California State Water Quality Board, as well as to provide more water storage to meet the peak daily demands of the park visitors who use these facilities.

Both phase I and phase II construction activities have been evaluated and approved for this Categorical Exclusion (CE) with the exception of additional SHPO consultation required for any ground disturbing activities involving the Horse Camp area of the campground. Phase II work in Horse Camp may only commence after completion of archeological studies (scheduled for summer 2021) and future consultation with the SHPO regarding identification of historic properties and assessment of effects for phase II work actions.

Phase I Summary:
• Replace approximately 11,200 linear feet of existing cast iron and galvanized steel water distribution lines (loops A thru C, and from the chlorination building to the campground) and replace 950 linear feet of raw water line from the well to the chlorination building with new high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.
• Replace existing potable water hydrants in-kind and in-place at the front of the host camp site (across from loop A) and install four new potable water hydrants near existing comfort stations (two in Loop A, one in Loop B, and one in Loop C, and install one new potable water hydrant near the back of the host campsite (across from Loop A, along the campground access road).
• Install five new water meters (one at each comfort station and one at the new water tank) and replace one existing water meter in-kind and in-place (near existing well).
• Replace the existing underground water tank with an above ground tank by removing the top of the existing water tank and backfill with native material and compact. Existing water tank will then be abandoned in place.
• Replace the existing water treatment vault and chlorination system (interior to the existing chlorination building).
• Relocate the existing propane generator from the chlorination building to a new code compliant CMU enclosure near the existing chlorination building.
• Install a concrete collar around the well head.

Phase II Summary: (construction within Horse Camp)
• Replace 500 linear feet of existing water distribution lines.
• Install two new potable water hydrants near the two camp sites.
• Replace one existing potable water hydrant near one camp site.
• Install one new water meter.
• Connect existing comfort station to new proposed water system.