Rehabilitate 2 Campground Roads and 64 Campsites at Crane Flat Campground - Phase 1

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This project will rehabilitate the 3,400 linear feet (LF) of campground roads in Loops A and E, and 64 campsites. This project will be one of several to rehabilitate and repair the badly deteriorated campgrounds that are located outside of Yosemite Valley and the Merced River corridor.

The rehabilitation will correct drainage problems by installing culverts that were omitted from the original design and repairing and establishing roadside ditches. Areas of severe erosion will be repaired and surface water flow will be controlled. Roads and campsites will be rebuilt, and campground furniture replaced. Stop logs and/or bollards will be installed to define vehicular areas and preclude off-road travel. Wherever possible individual campsite footprints will be reduced and site limits clearly established. Yosemite Design & Engineering will design the project, including reestablishing the horizontal and vertical alignments of the campground road and optimization of the layout of individual campsites to remedy visitor deficiencies and better protect natural resources, however a complete redesign of the campground is not intended. Contracted construction will then be done to complete the following, in accordance with the Yosemite Design & Engineering design: improve drainage, accommodate needed culverts and reconstruct the roadway, improve vehicle turn-in alignment and prevent off-road access, improve campsite definition, replace campsite signing, improve site grading, reduce the asphalt paved surface by using permeable materials in parking areas, improve walks, repair erosion damage, and revegetate bare areas.

Phase I includes work to address the grading and drainage issues associated with the campsites and road in loops A and E where these issues are the most severe. Phase II will address issues in campground loops B, C, and D, and also any changes to loops A and E that have the potential to impact the Crane Flat Campground as a Mission-66 resource. The park is in the process of completing a Determination of Eligibility for the campground to inform Phase II work and avoid adverse effects.