Rehabilitation of Chatham Walkway Surrounding Diana Statue

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Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania NMP proposes to rehabilitate the Chatham walkway surrounding the Diana statue on the east entrance of the garden.

In the fall of 2019, the park is planning to return the terracotta Diana statue to its original location at the eastern entrance to the Chatham gardens. The statue has numerous protruding elements, such as the statue's arms. To better protect the Diana statue from pedestrians, the landscaping around the plinth, upon which it sits, will be modified by forming a more historically accurate circular design around the statue. The pathway will be 11 feet in diameter, adding a metal instead of wood edging between flower bed and the slate path, and planting boxwood around the pedestal. The current flower beds and slate walkway are not historic, the walkway having been installed in 2009.

The buffer and plantings will provide enough of a physical barrier to prevent visitor access to the newly installed statue.

This circular design will follow the recommendation of the 1985 Adaptive Restoration Chatham Garden plan. In addition, the park's 2018 Cultural Landscape Report for Chatham recommends "Rehabilitate plantings for sustainable consistency with Shipman's design intent."

See attached 106 Effect Report for details.

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