Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Draft FPL Planning Framework

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The RESTORE Council is providing the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Planning Framework draft (Planning Framework draft) for public review and comment as it continues to advance its vision, stated in the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update: Restoring the Gulf Coast's Ecosystem and Economy, for "A healthy and productive Gulf ecosystem achieved through collaboration on strategic restoration projects and programs".

The Council develops Funded Priority Lists (FPLs) that describe the projects and programs it will fund. Projects and programs funded through the Council- Selected Restoration Component (commonly referred to as "Bucket 2") must be in furtherance of the goals and objectives of the Council's Comprehensive Plan and address at least one of the priority criteria identified in the RESTORE Act. Thus far, the Council has finalized two FPLs and plans to finalize a third in 2020.

The Planning Framework draft identifies priorities that strategically link past and future restoration funding decisions. In this way, the document serves as a "bridge" between the Council's overarching goals and objectives and the specific restoration projects and programs approved in future FPLs. To that end, the Council will consider how future investments may build upon those in the Initial FPL, as well as other restoration activities funded by other restoration efforts in the Gulf of Mexico region. Although this Planning Framework draft was developed to support their decision-making for FPL 3, the Council views it as a "living" document that is broad enough to serve as a foundation for all future FPLs. The Council anticipates that it will review and revise this Planning Framework, as needed prior to developing future FPLs.

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