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Conduct Tidelands All Taxa Biological Inventory

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The accessibility and easily defined area of tidelands at Sitka National Historical Park provides a unique opportunity to conduct an intertidal All Taxa Biological Inventory (ATBI). Inventories like these are an opportunity to both gain a more complete knowledge of a park ecosystem and to engage students, local scientists, and community members in scientific exploration and discovery. The ATBI in SITK will focus on the intertidal zone, first evaluated systematically by Ricketts and his colleagues (1939), and re-evaluated since by other investigators. The first objective is to target taxa that are scientifically known and develop a complete checklist of known taxa within the park's intertidal zone. The second is to target taxa where there is a possibility of discovering new taxa. The park will conduct a series of BioBlitzs, called Blitzdays (Matassa 2009), coordinated by the biologist hired under this project, through the Sitka Sound Science Center, volunteer scientists, and citizen scientists.

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