Upgrade Fire Safety at Indian Creek Apartments and Stoneman Lodge

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JUSTIFICATION: The purpose of this project is to design and install a fire and smoke detection and alarm system, and a fire suppression system at Indian Creek Apartments and Stoneman Lodge in Yosemite Valley. Current NFPA and California Building codes have added inclusion of fire suppression systems into construction of housing units of six units or larger. This project will bring housing units of this size within YNP up to code.

Compliance for the initial design was completed in 2011 under PEPC project 37732 - Yosemite Valley DNC Guest and Residential Facilities Fire Safety Upgrade. In 2016, Architectural Resources Group was contracted to validate the concept design documents prepared by Hughes Associates Inc. for DNC in 2011. The new design took the 2011 drawings beyond the concept stage through the completion of the construction documents for the installation of fire/life/safety systems for the Indian Creek concessioner apartments, and Stoneman Lodge, a guest lodging facility.

Consistent with the 2011 project, this project will
- Install fire suppression systems in each building
- Install fire alarm control panel, and smoke and CO2 sensors at Indian Creek Apartments, and smoke and CO2 sensors at Stoneman Lodge (connect to existing fire alarm control panel in Registration Building)
- Bring sufficient water supply to the buildings through a 4-inch dedicated service
- Install main control valves in an exterior enclosure

Updates to the 2011 project include
- Installation of 4 manual pull switches and horn/strobe devices
- Minimization of visual effects of piping at Indian Creek Apartments by installing it in new soffits, existing closets, attic space, and cupboard spaces, or using sidewall sprinklers
- Installation of exposed piping externally under eaves (2)
- Options to run some piping in attic space to avoid exposed piping

The Indian Creek apartment building is located in the Yosemite Village developed area of the Yosemite Valley Historic District. It was designed and built by the concessioner in the early 1950s prior to the NPS Mission 66 program. The building is an example of utilitarian concessioner staff housing. This building was evaluated in 2006 and found to be non-contributing to the Yosemite Valley Historic District. The building is currently being assessed for eligibility under the NPS Mission 66 Program.

Stoneman Lodge is located within the Camp Curry developed area within the Yosemite Valley Historic District. It was constructed as a dance pavilion in the late 1920s. It was converted in 1961, first as concessioner staff housing and now as guest lodging. Stoneman Lodge is listed as a contributor to the Yosemite Valley Historic District.

The majority of the work related to new fire protection systems at the Indian Creek apartment building and at Stoneman Lodge will be within the building interiors. There are no recognized character-defining features in the interior of either the Indian Creek apartments or Stoneman Lodge. In general, the system requires either ceiling-mounted or sidewall-mounted concealed sprinkler heads at each room. Each unit requires a horn/strobe notification station. A new smoke detector will be required at the ceiling level for each unit. All obsolete detectors will be removed.

At the exteriors, the presence and visibility of the fire sprinkler systems will be minimal, with sidewall heads located close to the eaves. Four manual pull stations will be required at the exterior of each building. At the Indian Creek Apartment Building, exposed piping will be required at the west fa├žade. It will be located close to the eaves and will not require the removal of
character-defining features. It will be painted to match the exterior. At Stoneman Lodge, the main valve assembly will be housed in a new enclosure at the southeast porch, similar to the 2011 design.