Redecorate Ahwahnee Hotel Suites (2018 YH)

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The Suites at the Ahwahnee Hotel are typically refurbished when updates are needed to improve the guest experience per the business practices of the current concessioner. Just as the guest rooms were updated in 2017-18, the Suite rooms are proposed to be updated. The proposed undertaking would include the refurbishment of the spaces consistent to the extent possible with the treatment recommendations in the Ahwahnee Historic Furnishings Report (ARG 2011) and the Ahwahnee Historic Structure Report (ARG 2011). Yosemite Hospitality has contracted with Kollath McCann Creative Services for the design.

• Replace carpet
• Paint the rooms (historic stencils would be protected)
• Install wallpaper in some locations
• Replace wall sconces adjacent to the beds
• Mount the flat screened televisions onto the walls in small bedrooms (will include wall penetrations for mounting, electricity and cable access will be run in conduit painted to match wall)
• Replace non-historic draperies and hang new ceiling-mount valance similar to guest rooms taking care to avoid damage to historic stencils
• Replace and refurbish furnishings in select locations
• Replace bathroom light fixtures and hardware

The first phase of work is scheduled to begin in 2020.