Ahwahnee Concierge Redecoration (2018 YH)

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The South Mezzanine Rooms at the Ahwahnee Hotel are typically refurbished when updates are needed to improve the guest experience per the business practices of the current concessioner. Just as the guest rooms were updated in 2017-18, the South Mezzanine rooms are proposed to be updated. The proposed undertaking would include the refurbishment of the spaces consistent with the treatment recommendations in the Ahwahnee Historic Furnishings Report (ARG 2011) and the Ahwahnee Historic Structure Report (ARG 2011). Yosemite Hospitality has contracted with Kollath McCann Creative Services for the design.

South Mezzanine "Concierge"
• Carpet - Tudor Lounge custom-designed carpet inspired by the geometric flat-woven Turkish/Persian kilims
• Paint - Matte ivory walls and ceilings will amplify the available, indirect light, making the space appear brighter and more inviting.
• Casework - The face of the new concierge desk in the Tudor Lounge will repeat the unique baluster design of the adjacent balcony rail. The Tresidder Room was once the hotel's game room. The unique design of the hotel's original ping-pong table is reflected in our custom tea table (fabricated to a standard banquet size), the five console or "sofa" tables, and the bases of both the "Business Center" and concierge storage armoire. Three 8' wide base cabinets each feature locking under-counter refrigeration, offering maximum flexibility for daily tea service, special events, and conferences. Durable granite countertops with backsplash reflect the walls of the valley itself.
• Metalwork - Custom-designed, glass top steel cocktail and coffee tables repeat design motifs from the hotel's original chandeliers. An echo of the basket displays in the Great Lounge, the new custom-designed display case repeats details from the steel tables, capped with a 5-sided acrylic cube. We'll use this to display a large, open weave Miwok fishing basket, currently in storage. All-season metal tables and chairs on the four balconies will provide new, welcoming spaces for guests.
• Lighting - Steel floor and table lamps with drum shades have the weight and heft of original fixtures. Even outfitted with low-wattage, energy efficient bulbs, the effect of the light from these lamps, combined with a fresh coat of paint, will be transformative. All reserve property lamps that are currently in the possession/keep of YH are in use in the first floor open spaces. No candelabras are in the 6th floor Library Suite as stated in the HFR/HSR.
• Upholstery - Because the large kilim-pattern on the floor will dominate, we've chosen solid color, textured, high-performance (stain and abrasion resistant) upholstery goods in colors that complement the carpet design. When upholstered furniture "fails," it's the armrests that are the first to stain and fray. Since the wooden arms of the Stickley wingbacks dramatically increase the life of the upholstery, we've also selected a sofa and lounge chairs for the Tresidder Room with exposed wooden frames and arms.
• Windows - The lined, fringed draperies added to the windows in the early 90s block light and views. We propose removing them and the valances, repairing plaster holes, and adding simple light-filtering sheers with baton pulls (similar to the sheers we added to the hotel's guest rooms).
• Fireplaces - ARG can perform the study to determine the original style. We will leave all as they are for now and determine if they should be a larger restoration project based on the results from ARG.

Colors, patterns, and textures proposed are consistent with the period of significance.

The first phase of work is scheduled to begin in November 2018. The project is expected to be complete in Spring 2018.