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Photo of the Jacob Riis Bathhouse from the beach

JBU Riis Park Long-term Lease and Rehabilitation of the Bathhouse and Related Buildings

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The National Park Service (NPS) proposes to enter into a 60-year lease for use and occupancy of the Jacob Riis Bathhouse and related buildings, located on the Rockaway Peninsula within the Jamaica Bay Unit of Gateway National Recreation Area (GATE). The proposed project would revitalize this historic waterfront property in support of the NPS mission, the park's purpose, and in a manner consistent with the park's approved General Management Plan. For more information about the tentative lease agreement, please visit:

The proposed action would occur within floodplains. In accordance with NPS policy and procedures for compliance with Executive Order 11988 for floodplain management, a draft Statement of Findings for the proposed action has been prepared. As required by NPS policy, GATE is making this draft Statement of Findings available for a 15-day public review and comment period.

A categorical exclusion (CE) will be prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act for the project. Leasing of historic properties is covered by CE A.7, "Leasing of historic properties in accordance with 36 CFR Part 18 and NPS-38." The impacts to floodplains does not rise to the level requiring an environmental assessment.

The comment period is from October 23 to November 6, 2021. From the Project Links list, select "Open For Comment" to submit your feedback. You can also mail comments to the park. Please address comments to:

Daphne Yun
Gateway National Recreation Area
210 New York Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305

Contact Information

Daphne Yun, (917) 282-9393