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Replace Drakesbad Leach Field

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The Drakesbad Guest Ranch is part of the Drakesbad Guest Ranch Historic District, and the facilities include a lodge, dining hall, cabins, duplex units, bath house, for the thermal pool, employee housing, laundry facilities, and public restrooms. They are operated by a concession on a seasonal basis, closing for the winter.

At Drakesbad, the wastewater system consists of a gravity sewer collection to a septic tank and effluent pump station that delivers wastewater up to a disposal field. The current septic system leach field was replaced in 2009 and the pump distribution system was replaced in 2004. However, during the summer of 2017, wastewater was seen surfacing on the ground, indicating a failure of the leach field. Without a functioning wastewater system, the area would be unsuitable for visitor use and the existing facilities would need to be closed.

The park is committed to preserving facilities that are part of the Drakesbad Guest Ranch Historic District and the Warner Valley Developed Area Historic District, as it has stated in the Warner Valley Comprehensive Site Plan Final Environmental Impact Statement. This preservation and the continuation of a unique park experience necessitates replacing the existing wastewater system.

To address these and other issues, the park intends to analyze two alternatives in an environmental assessment. A no-action alternative would continue existing management of the Drakesbad wastewater system. The action alternative proposes to construct a new wastewater disposal field at Drakesbad. Public comments received during the public scoping period will help the park identify issues, concerns, and other potential alternatives for the project.

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Michael McGraw
Environmental Compliance Specialist