Ahwahnee Hotel Ground Floor Loss Prevention Camera Installation (YH 2020)

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This project consists of the installation of loss prevention cameras on the ground floor of the building throughout the kitchen, gift shop, sweet shop, and bar (remodeled in 2016). This is required to meet YH's internal business guidelines and corporate policies.

The cameras are proposed for the following locations:

1. Bar POS (Point of Sale)
2. Bar back area
3. Bar back exit door
4. Sweet Shop POS
5. Gift Shop Left POS
6. Gift Shop Right POS
7. Safe
8. Cash Count Counter
9. Kitchen POS
10. Employee exit door
11. Kitchen exit Door 1
12. Kitchen exit Door 2
13. Kitchen exit Door 3

Kitchen: The proposed exposed wiring would be located in the main kitchen area along the ceiling, behind the column separating the main kitchen space from the dish pit area. Wiring will not visible to hotel guests. The wiring will be minimized to create the shortest run with the lowest visual impact. Wiring will only be run to the full ceiling level for the camera above the kitchen cash stand. In the kitchen, the cameras will be mounted to the walls, with the exception of the camera over the food checker stand which will be mounted on the ceiling. The door trim in the kitchen area will not be damaged during this project.

Other camera locations: The wiring will be run through the small sub-space above the ceiling. Single drill points will be made to feed the wire into the space. All wires, once in the space, will be pulled into the server room behind the front desk, along existing path of travel. (No wiring will be visible to guests). The wiring will not be visible in the main part of the building as it will be hidden in the crawl space above the ceiling. In the main part of the building the cameras will be mounted on the ceiling.

Exposed wiring in the kitchen will be painted to match the color of the walls.

Proposed work includes the installation of thirteen cameras (enclosure 1: building plan with proposed locations for cameras). The cameras installed in the interior of the building will be dome-shaped, ceiling-mounted cameras each measuring a maximum of 4" (diameter) x 2.2" (height); the three (3) exterior cameras will be 5.19" x 10.25" . The camera locations are critical to monitoring all activities in the cash register areas and sensitive exits in the first floor of the building. The number of cameras has been minimized to the greatest extent possible while still meeting security needs. Cameras, camera housings, and all wire will be painted to match the background surface.

The Ahwahnee Historic Structure Report states that alterations to "Contributing" spaces "should be minimized to reduce their effect on historic spatial relationships and materials." The addition of security cameras and alarm systems (including wiring) in these areas would not result in the loss of historic materials nor would it affect the historic spatial relationships of these spaces. The installation of cameras would not change the functions or use of these areas.

The addition of the security equipment, although contemporary in nature, is consistent with commercial operation of the kitchen, bar, and loading docks by a concessioner. Effects to the historic fabric and character of the building would be minimized by using existing holes in ceiling and walls. Finally, the overall number of cameras has been minimized while still meeting the objectives of building security. Although the additions would be contemporary in nature, they would not adversely affect the eligibility of the building as a National Register of Historic Places listed property.