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Half Dome Village Pavilion Remodel (YH 2018)

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This action will implement requirements of the concession contract CC-YOSE004-16 with Yosemite Hospitality LLC which began March 1, 2016. Construction is planned for winter 2018/spring 2019.

The project undertaking includes the rehabilitation of the Half Dome Village Pavilion in Yosemite Valley. A principal selection factor in the current concessioner contract was to provide visitors improved food and beverage operations, product quality, consistency, and availability. The current concessioner was selected, in part, because their bid proposal addressed innovative solutions to better serve Park visitors.


Maximize operational efficiency for food service
• Provide separate service counters for serving efficiency
• Update coffee counter
• Increase the designated seating area for the Half Dome Village Bar
• Expand food service options accessed from the patio

Improve customer experience and minimize wait times
• Remove partition wall between servery and dining area
• Maintain seating for 500 guests
• Isolate bar, pizza, and ice cream shop entrances and queuing from other food and beverage services

Address deferred maintenance and component renewal
• Repair and replace finishes and equipment

Meet fire, safety, accessibility, and operational safety and health code compliance
• Install lighting, motion sensors, fire alarms, etc. consistent with historic building code
• Install approximately 24 PaveGen tiles in the pizza facility. The voltage ranges from 12V - 48V and can provide continuous power to support the functions of the Half Dome Village Pavilion.
• Install loss prevention cameras above at all point of sale locations