Arch Rock IT Shed Installation

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The project will add an 8 foot x 8 foot equipment shed that will house the computer servers at the Arch Rock Entrance Station. The shed will be located in the garage area of the office building. The shed will be equipped with HVAC and power outlets of various types. The internet for the entrance station will be housed in the shed. Telecommunication staff has indicated there is existing conduit under the road. This project also proposes to remove non-historic cabinets within the garage area. The existing IT cabinets in the garage are unusable and unsafe. The cabinets collect dust and mouse droppings and do not meet the entrance station storage needs. The doors are rotting off and are slated to be replaced with a more workable design. Historic Preservation staff determined that the cabinets were not historic and not attached to the historic structure.

No ground disturbance is necessary and lighting will only be internal to the container. There will be no changes to any of the structures, just removal of the cabinets. The shed will be painted Wosky brown.