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2018 Kolob Canyon Road Reconstruction & Accessibility Improvements

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Located in the north-western portion of the Park, Kolob Canyon Scenic Drive was cut into the side of steep walled canyons, intersecting water courses, small springs and unstable soils which has resulted in numerous issues with drainage and roadway failures.

The Office of Federal Lands Highway has obligated funds through the Federal Lands Transportation Program (FLTP) for major repair work on the roadway. In partnership with Zion management officials, FLTP will design and construct aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sensitive repairs to improve vehicle transportation safety as well as integrate Architectural Barrier Act (ABA) accessibility.

Importantly, this project will create standard road widths along the length of the route. Culverts will be upsized or replaced where needed. Existing guard rail sections will be replaced to meet federal safety standards. Features such as curbs and pullouts will be replaced, removed, reduced in size, or reshaped. Immediately adjacent to the Timber Creek, South Fork, and Taylor Creek parking areas, restroom facilities will be installed and/or reconstructed. Accessibility enhancements will also be incorporated at all pullout locations that are rebuilt as part of this project, to include 17 lookout locations.

Two specific areas will also be enhanced for ABA accessibility: 1) the Kolob Entrance Sign Station and the South Fork Picnic Area. Improvements to the Kolob Entrance will pave the existing gravel pull-out, install a sidewalk and curbing, and designate two parking spaces, one of which will be reserved for handicap visitors. Information signage (waysides) will be re-installed and/or repositioned to accommodate accessibility limitations.

Various options to maintain public access to the area were explored, however due to the scale of the project, visitor safety concerns, and the anticipated project timeline, a seven month closure of the area is expected. The timeline is dependent on various factors, including weather and/or unanticipated issues uncovered during construction. Every effort will be made to re-open the roadway as soon as construction is complete and the surrounding conditions are determined to be safe to resume public access.

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