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Everglades National Park Foundation Document

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Dear Park Staff and Friends,

I am pleased to announce that the National Park Service (NPS) has completed the Foundation Document for Everglades National Park. You can view or download the full document and an overview summary by following the "Document List" link on the left side of this page.

The Foundation Document provides important information about Everglades National Park; reaffirming the park's legislated purpose and significance and the most important resources and values as identified in the park's 2015 General Management Plan (GMP) and a number of important Everglades ecosystem restoration projects. It also takes a fresh look at the interpretive themes that tell the park's important stories. Finally, it identifies future planning needs as well as the critical issues, challenges, and opportunities facing Everglades National Park.

Please take note that the Foundation Document is not a decision-making document; it does not include specific actions or management strategies. Rather, it describes a shared understanding of what is most important about the park to focus on future management and planning decisions.

We look forward to continuing our important work together to protect and enjoy Everglades National Park. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Pedro M. Ramos

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