Replace and Repair Roofs on Seven Park Buildings

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Fredericksburg and Spotsylania NMP proposes to replace the roofs on six park buildings and repair the roof on a seventh building.

The park maintains numerous buildings that are used for offices and residences of park staff. Cyclic maintenance for these structures requires replacement of degrading roofing materials. Six park structures are currently slated to receive new roofs, meaning replacement of asphalt shingle roof coverings and underlying materials. The park also proposes to address air circulation, and heat and humidity concerns, with these buildings by adding ridge vents during the roof replacements. A seventh structure has a metal roof that needs to be scraped and painted.

The six building to receive new roofs and ridge vents are: Chatham Caretaker's Cottage, War Department Maintenance Building, Natural Resources Office, and the three Mission 66 Residence. The building to have its metal roof scraped and repainted is the War Department Log Garage.

See attached Section 106 documents for details

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