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Routine Trail Maintenance Projects

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ARPO contains approximately two miles of trail systems that require routine trail maintenance throughout the year. ARPO's trails consist of paved/concrete walkways, graveled trails, and natural trails which have grass/moss covered surfaces. Included in the trail system are four bridges: three of the bridges are made of all wood materials and the fourth bridge which crosses alligator slough is made of wood decking supported by steel posts and railing. This project will cover all routine trail maintenance including mowing, weed-eating, replacement of gravel (due to heavy rain events), repair of cracks and loose bricks on concrete trails, and replacement of rotting wood on bridges. Tree falls from storms and strong winds also have the potential to damage large sections of trails that will need repair/replacement to prevent trip/safety hazards. If this occurs damage will be documented and the trail will be repaired to eliminate the safety concern. All maintenance will occur within the existing footprint.

The Post Bayou Nature Trail is a non-paved, gravel trail that experiences occasional washouts due to heavy rainfall events and requires the addition of new gravel and/or grading periodically. All new material and grading will occur on top of the existing landscape fabric and within the existing trail footprint. The concrete trail which encompasses the Park Lake, Town site, and Confederate Trenches contains brickwork which requires occasional repair/replacement and the addition of new concrete to repair cracks and eliminate trip hazards. All concrete and brick repair will occur within the existing trail footprint.

This project does not apply to new construction, expansion of the footprint, or upgrades and improvements that have the potential for more than minor environmental impacts. Any trail work falling outside the scope of routine maintenance will be addressed in a separate PEPC package.

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