El Portal Harrell Residence Shed Demo and Room Addition

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The residence at 5692 Foresta Road has a small laundry and storage room on the northerly side of the structure that is in a state of serious decay and disrepair due to dry rot, water damage and poor construction. After inspection it was determined that the best option would be to demolish and reconstruct a new room that will be safer and more functional.

According to the Mariposa County Assessor's Office, the existing square footage of the home is 998 square feet. The demolished area is approximately 78 square feet and the new room will measure 11 feet by 13 feet (143 square feet). The total increase in living area is 65 square feet.

The demolition phase will entail removal of the shed roof, walls, floor, and stone foundation. The existing attic and kitchen vents will need to be relocated. The overhead electrical supply line will need to be temporarily relocated during construction. The new foundation will require some minor ground disturbance. The perimeter footing will measure 12 inch deep by 12 inch wide. Some additional minor excavation may be required to satisfy the code requirement of 18 inches of clear space below the floor joist.

The exterior finishes, including the roof covering, siding, trim, etc. will be constructed to match and blend with the existing structure as much as possible. Existing mechanical ducts and water piping will be extended through the crawl space to serve the new room. Some minor landscaping and relocation of sidewalks and planters will also be performed. All work shall comply with the current codes.