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This Categorical Exclusion (CE) will serve as a programmatic record for investigation and monitoring activities including surface and subsurface actions. The activities covered by this programmatic CE are those intended to obtain information regarding soils and subgrade conditions. Investigations are often necessary to inform project scoping, funding requests, and compliance and design efforts. These investigations will inform the design and construction of new or improved infrastructure (structures, facilities, utilities, roads) which will undergo separate compliance determinations and approvals independent of this programmatic CE.

The following activities are covered by this programmatic CE. Activities not listed, but similar in scope and scale, may be covered with Compliance Office approval.

Geotechnical investigation activities: a. Exploratory borings, soil tests, soil profiling, percolation tests, trenching, monitoring wells, utility potholing, and digging of test pits. Work may be performed by hand tools (e.g., shovel, post hole digger, hand operated auger, gas powered auger) or automated machinery (e.g., truck-mounted drill rig, rubber tire backhoe, vacuum truck). b. Use of geophones to determine subsurface density using seismic refraction and ground penetrating radar c. Installation of piezometers d. Testing of soil bearing capacity, extraction of water and soil for hazardous substances testing and water quality testing. e. Soil and water sampling for visual examination, classification, and laboratory testing. Soil and water samples may be removed from the park for offsite classification and laboratory testing.

Wetland survey/delineation activities for the purpose of project design and/or implementation: a. Wetland survey and delineation involving soil borings, augers, or shovels to evaluate soils. Soil borings will be backfilled with the excavated soil immediately upon completion. Areas to be surveyed will be marked and delineated areas will be marked with flags (or similar) for documentation purposes.

Project managers implementing activities covered by this programmatic CE must follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs) and mitigation measures for programmatic CEs to ensure that potential impacts are minimized and the appropriate documentation and reporting of activities occurs. Refer to the programmatic CE SOPs on Sharepoint under the

Project Management/Environmental Planning and Compliance link for the most up-to-date version of the SOPs as they will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary as new mitigation measures and best practices are identified. In addition to following the Programmatic CE SOPs and Mitigation Measures, the Project Manager must implement, in consultation with the park's subject-matter experts, mitigations specific to site investigation activities.