Programmatic CE: Parkwide Commercial Passenger Transportation Commercial Use Authorization

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The Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) is a tool required by the National Park Service to regulate and oversee the commercial use of National Park Service lands, not regulated under a Concessions Management contract. This CUA, also known as a permit, is issued to companies or individuals conducting commercial passenger transportation services in Yosemite National Park.

This CUA is classified as an Out-of-Park CUA which requires the permit holder to conduct all business, including advertising, bookings and financial transactions, outside of the park. In addition all trips must begin and end outside the park. The CUA will allow the permit holder to provide commercial passenger transportation for private and commercial road-based sightseeing tours in Yosemite National Park. The CUA is required for all sizes of commercial passenger transportation vehicles which include sedans, limousines, mini-vans, vans, mini-buses and motor coaches.

Commercial passenger transportation companies or individuals, also known as holders, are required to obtain a CUA each year prior to transporting clients into Yosemite National Park. The CUA will only be issued for a period of one year at a time. Companies must apply for a new CUA each year that they plan to offer trips to Yosemite. In addition companies are required to submit an annual report to the Commercial Use Office listing the number of trips made and number of passengers transported into the park during the previous year.

The Holder is regulated by the terms and conditions of the Commercial Use Authorization which is administered and managed by the Yosemite National Park Commercial Use Office in conjunction with the Yosemite Protection Division. The Holder is required to obtain additional CUAs for any activities conducted in the park not covered under the Commercial Passenger Transportation CUA.