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Half Dome Village Temporary Seasonal Ice Rink Installation (2017 YH)

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This project will install a seasonal ice rink and associated services on a temporary basis within the concession land assignment in the location of the former ice rink (prior to its relocation in 2016) in Half Dome Village. The proposed rink will be used during the winter season and then be removed and stored at the Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area during the off season. This area will be used until a long-term location is identified for this seasonal use consistent with the Merced River Plan. No concessions would be provided within the service area. In 2016, the ice rink was located in the paved parking area south of the Orchard Parking Lot which created many issues related to utility access.

The project includes the following:

Footprint: The proposed ice rink measures 60' x 120'. The mechanical unit producing the ice as well as the proprietary tube system will be located on a 35' long trailer temporarily parked at the east side of the rink. The pre-made rink dasher boards are constructed of galvanized steel frames. The ice rink will require a mat to be placed on the parking lot to create a level surface. This will not require any subsurface disturbance.

Use of Existing Buildings: The following existing buildings will be used to support ice skating operations: historic ticket booth (warming hut), boiler building (new propane boiler), skate sharpening building (skate storage), and the historic restrooms. This proposal does not include adding any tent structures.

Flooring and Fire Pit: Removable rubber flooring will be provided at the visitor entrance area on the south side of the rink, an area approximately 60' x 12'. In addition, a 40' half-circle of rubber flooring will be provided on the east side of the rink. A fire pit will be located on the east side of the rink as well.

Water: Water will be accessed through existing water sources on site. A boiler to produce hot water will be located within the existing boiler building. No trenching would be needed.

Propane and Power: Electricity for the system would be accessed from the existing power in the area. One 500-gallon propane tank will be installed temporarily to support the boiler equipment. The propane tank will be located 25 feet behind (north) of the existing boiler building. No trenching for either electrical or propane lines will be required.

Lighting: Three temporary utility poles 4" x 4" x 16' poles will be attached to the existing non-historic buildings adjacent to the rink to support the LED fixtures and sound system. Three additional temporary light poles will be installed on the south side of the rink. Ground disturbance will require digging holes 2' x 2' x 6' depth. LED lights will provide direct lighting to the ice surface. All lighting will be pointed downward to minimize lighting impacts and will be painted brown.

Fencing: Temporary fencing will be installed to define the operating area, secure the refrigeration/mechanical area, and define the fire pit area. No postholes or other ground disturbance is involved. Green snow fencing will be installed without digging providing for temporary fencing that can be moved to allow area clearing after weather events. A wooden landing will be installed to support the parking of Zamboni when not in use.

Traffic pattern for the parking lot will allow for fire truck access on the north side of the rink.