El Portal Gas Station Generator Installation (2017 YH)

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This project will install a new propane generator and automatic transfer switch for the El Portal Gas Station. The proposal includes the installation of the generator pad, propane tanks and propane lines.

• Install (2) 2" conduits underground from the generator pad to the exterior wall of the building. Run conduit up the exterior wall of the building to the automatic transfer switch.
• Remove an existing manual transfer switch and install new automatic transfer switch.
• Install new conductors in 2" conduit sized to match existing main feed.
• Install feeds for block heater, battery charger and start stop circuit in 2" conduit.
• Install new propane tank sized to supply generator for 24 hours.
• Install underground gas main from propane tanks to generator. Sized per generator manufacturer requirements.
• Trench will be 35' long x 18" deep x 4" wide.
• Install new bollards around generator pad and propane tanks. Bollards offset 3' from pad and tank. Maximum spacing between bollards will be 3'.

Currently, emergency power is provided by a trailer-mounted diesel generator and a manual transfer switch must be closed to provide power. Both NPS and YH have keys to that switch. YH must refill the generator when necessary.