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Prepare Visitor Use Management Plan

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The National Park Service (NPS) is currently developing the Visitor Use Management Plan for the Eisenhower National Historic Site (the park).

The goal of the visitor use management plan is to establish a vision for the future of visitor experiences by evaluating and determining appropriate access, visitor services and interpretive opportunities, and protecting the cultural integrity of the site. The National Park Service intends to develop a plan that promotes relevancy, builds constituency, and provides sustainable access and opportunities. This plan will evaluate a range of improved and new visitor uses in a manner consistent with the purpose and significance of the park.

Eisenhower National Historic Site preserves the only home that President Dwight D. Eisenhower and First Lady Mamie Eisenhower ever owned. The Eisenhower home, farm, and adjacent lands have changed little since the site opened to the public in 1980. In an effort to quickly open the site to visitors and to preserve the site as it was during the Eisenhower's occupancy, visitor access has been restricted to shuttle bus transportation from the Gettysburg Visitor Center. As early as 1982, the National Park Service (NPS) was concerned about mode of visitor access to the site and how it influenced the experience of the visitor.

The NPS is exploring whether alternative transportation services are still the best method of access to the Eisenhower Farm. The plan will be evaluating the benefits and impacts of alternative transportation and onsite parking as modes of visitor access to the site. It will also be evaluating how visitors use the site once they have arrived.

Please take a moment to help us find a way to improve your experience touring the site in a manner that allows us to meet our stewardship responsibilities to preserve and protect this national treasure for future generations.