Parkwide Emergency Road Repairs

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This emergency repair project includes storm damage repairs on four of the primary roads in Yosemite National Park (Big Oak Flat Road, Wawona Road, Valley Loop Road, and El Portal Road). There are 19 locations needing repair, the specific repairs include:
• Embankment stabilization
• Reconstructing sections of the existing stone guard walls and curbs
• Replacing damaged roadway pavement
• Cleaning of culverts and repairing headwalls
• Replacement of undersized and/or failed culverts
• Removal of slide debris from drainages to re-establish the original drainage channels
• Removal of slide debris from along roadways and adjacent ditches
• Rock bolting and scaling
• Repaving shoulders and ditches and concrete curb repairs

In addition, this project will regrade many road shoulders and ditches and stabilize multiple road shoulders and ditches with rock rip rap.