Warehouse Modification for Cash Operations (2017 YH)

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When Yosemite Hospitality assumed the Concession contract at Yosemite in March of 2016, the existing cash operation was moved from its location in the bank building to a temporary location in the general office building. The general office building is scheduled to be closed later in 2017, which necessitates finding a permanent location where money can be shipped to and from, stored, and managed in a secure environment. A secure location to do so is critical to the daily operation of all guest related activities in the Park.

This project will relocate the Yosemite Hospitality cash operations from its existing location in the general office building to two non-functioning meat lockers used for storage in the shipping and receiving Warehouse. The remodel will modify the two meat lockers to a secured space for cash operations and a separate storage space for vending. The exterior of the building will remain the same except for the installation of a small lift to enable shipments of bulk coins to be delivered from armored cars to the storage site. Both rooms would be dry walled, with lighting and electrical outlets installed. The cash storage area would have a security alarm system, fire detection, and a small HVAC system installed. This location would become the permanent site for all receipts and change order processing in the park for Yosemite Hospitality operations.

The existing space was used to ship and receive large meat orders, which has not occurred since the 1980's. The space is currently used to store used computer equipment and vending storage.

Yosemite Hospitality intends to contract with a qualified contractor, acceptable to the NPS, to alter the interior space of the two lockers. The project will remove the refrigeration equipment, install drywall on the walls, and install a mini split HVAC system via an exterior compressor placed adjacent to the IT compressors and interior fan coil assemblies. New electrical circuits will be installed from the main panels in the generator room, complete with area lighting for these spaces. Battery operated smoke and CO2 detectors will be added to the spaces. A security alarm and locks will be added to the cash operation area to make it a secure money storage location.

Photo-documentation will be performed before, during and after construction by the contractor and project manager.