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Routine Grounds Maitenance

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This project covers all routine grounds maintenance including: lawn care to include mowing, weed-eating, and minor application of chemical treatments; reseeding, edging of walkways and roads; pruning; mulching; and removal of hazard trees according to the attached Hazard Tree Plan and the information below.

Hazard tree removal is typically associated with unpredictable severe weather and, for the most part, it is not possible for the park to predict which trees may become a hazard as a result. Methods to remove trees cutting the tree down as close to the groung as possible and then grinding the remaining stump making sure not to disturb the surrounding soil. If the tree has been uprooted, staff will cut up the tree and the debris is moved or mulched. The area of uproot is examined for any unearthed cultural resources and MWAC is immediately contacted in the event something is discovered. The hole created by the uprooted tree is filled with the dirt from the root ball and with mulch created from the tree. Other hazard tree operations include removing hanging branches (widow makers) and cutting trees that have been deemed unsafe due to rotting and their position in high-use areas. Damaged trees in the forest of the GMP-designated conservation areas are not trimmed or removed unless they are located along a trail or popular visitor area and pose a safety hazard. Examples of high-use areas are the town site, trails, around the Park Lake, and Fort Hindman fishing area. The park does not conduct routine inspection for hazard trees. Tree removal is only conducted in the event of a tree fall unless it is rotting and exhibits obvious safety hazards.

Only the plaza and open fields are mowed at Osotouy ; no weed eating or edging occurs at Osotouy.

This project does not apply to new facility construction, expansion to the existing footprint of the development of existing facilities, or upgrades and improvements to existing facilities that include the potential for more than minor environmental impacts. Any new facilities, expansions, upgrades, or improvements will be addressed in a separate PEPC package.

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