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Great Basin National Park proposes to design and construct a stargazing amphitheater within the Day Use Picnic Area located north of the Lehman Caves Visitor Center. The park's General Management plan zoned the proposed location as a Development Zone. The project is a multi-year and is proposed to start in the spring of 2017 it is funded by the Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act (SNPLMA).

Over the years astronomy programs and festivals have been held in the parking area of the Park Headquarters and Lehman Caves Visitor Center. Albeit, the parking area can be closed to traffic and is near amenities such as visitor center and restrooms, it poses concerns regarding safety such as visitors slipping and falling on stairs, uneven surfaces, getting tangled in cords and walking into traffic because night blindness due to headlights from visitors attending the programs.

Park visitor attendance at these programs has increased steadily in recent years and will potentially continue in the future. The project will provide the visiting public a safe and newly designed barrier free facilities to enhance their experience within the park. Included in the construction of the stargazing amphitheater will be: seating for up to 100+ people; safety lighting along walkways, low level evening lighting for the restroom; telescopes; and other amenities for conducting educational programs.

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