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Emergency Mold Remediation For Lyon (HS-08) and Dean House (HS-13) Basements

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This emergency project will provide funding to treat significant interior mold issues that have developed over the last several months in the Lyon House (HS-08) and Dean House (HS-13) basements. Mold spores were found throughout all areas in the Lyon House basement, including the main storage area, the crawlspace portion of the basement, and the utility room area. Mold was also found in the locker area of the Dean House basement. All areas will have mold remediation done. All walls and ceilings will be cleaned, HEPA vacuuming will be done, an anti-microbial agent will be applied to all affected areas and sealed, and a microbial inhibitor will be applied to all walls and ceilings after mold has been removed. Cross contamination prevention will also be done during the process, including a HEPA air scrubber, Neg. air machine to the outside, and a containment barrier erected to prevent any cross contamination.

Contact Information

Sheryle Lindley, 217-391-3229