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Bumpass Hell Trail and Boardwalk Rehabilitation

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Lassen Volcanic National Park is preparing an environmental assessment to analyze a range of alternatives to improve the Bumpass Hell Trail and Boardwalk. Bumpass Hell, a unique hydrothermal feature, is one of the most popular destinations in Lassen Volcanic National Park, drawing large numbers of visitors during the short, snow-free summer season.

The purpose for the project is to ease maintenance for the Bumpass Hell Trail and boardwalk, while preserving natural and historic resources, improving interpretive opportunities, and accommodating high visitor use to and within the Bumpass Hell Basin. The need for action results from the following issues:

• The boardwalk no longer functions as it was designed
• Boardwalk construction materials are deteriorating and may be affecting sensitive resources
• The existing boardwalk is inflexible, but must be moved when hydrothermal features undermine its stability
• The boardwalk does not have the capacity to accommodate larger groups
• Maintaining designated trails is important to provide visitor access and protect resources
• Views from outside the Bumpass Hell basin need improvement
• The boardwalk requires frequent maintenance, including damage from the heavy annual snow load

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