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Replace Roof and Box Gutter System at Dean House (HS-13)

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This project will consist of replacing the cedar shingle roof and box gutter system, and making repairs to the existing fascia and soffit at the Dean House (HS-13). The box gutter system includes approximately 104 feet of box gutter, 38 feet of roof valley and 70 feet of downspout on the front uppermost roof area. The gutter system needs to be replaced because of poor assembly and continual leaks at the point where the valleys terminate with the box gutter. Also the existing box gutter system does not have the proper fall to allow rain water to channel efficiently to the downspouts. The removal and replacement of the existing gutter, valleys and downspouts with new copper material sized and constructed with the proper fall will eliminate the ongoing water leakage problems on the second floor of the Dean House. This project will also include repair of damaged sheeting, restructuring of the box gutter system framing and the repair or replacement of damaged fascia, soffit and brackets. The Dean House has approximately 2405 square feet of roof area and once all repairs are made and guttering is replaced, ice and water shield, #30 pound felt paper and a roof underlayment such as "Cedar Breather" will be installed and a new number one 24" blue label cedar shingle roof will be applied to complete the project. This project will be done by both contractors and in house day labor. Roof replacement, soffit, and fascia repairs will be done in house and replacement of the box gutter system will be done by contractors.

Contact Information

Robert Trenter, 217-391-3242