White Wolf Temporary Tent Cabin Installation (2017 YH)

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This project will add four guest tent cabins for overnight rental to the White Wolf Lodge site for the summer season. The tents and platforms will be transported by trailer to the site from the former employee area of Boystown in Yosemite Valley. They will be modified to remove the propane furnaces and wood burning stoves will be added once the tents are in place at White Wolf.

The location of the four tents will be on flat land near the existing shower house, per the attached map. Each will be placed on nine concrete piers and will be set to conform to integrated pest management standards to eliminate pest harborage.

The four tents will be removed once the rehabilitation of the duplex cabins at White Wolf is finished and are available for reservation.

Adding four tents will allow the concessioner to offset the temporary loss of the four cabin rentals with four tent rentals during the rehabilitation of the hard-sided cabins at White Wolf (separate project). During this season, four cabin units will be closed for ABA rehabilitation as well as ABA compliant pathways to the cabins and the Lodge.