El Portal MacCallum Residence Remodel

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This project will remodel a residential home, currently at 848 square feet, and rebuild it to add 246 square feet. The home is within a residential neighborhood administrated by the National Park Service (NPS) to provide housing for NPS employees, contractors and partners.

This project will expand the size of the existing bedrooms and add a bathroom and a dining room. The project will include a partial demolition and reconstruction/remodel of the existing single family residence bedroom areas. The addition will add 246 square feet to the home, which sits on a 0.391 acre lot. The total living area of the home after the remodel and addition will be 1,104 square feet. Foundation dimensions can be found on sheet A-2 in the schematic drawings.

The proposed addition would keep the house as a single family residential structure/dwelling and will retain the massing, scale and character found in other single family residential structures with the neighborhood.

This project is estimated to be complete within 9 to 12 months.