Merced River Plan Implementation: Half Dome Village - Temporary Ice Rink Installation

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This project was selected for implementation in the 2014 Record of Decision for the Merced River Plan/EIS (PEPC 18982). This project must adhere to mitigation and stipulations in the Final EIS/Record of Decision and the MRP programmatic agreement.

This project will install a seasonal temporary ice rink and associated services within the concession land assignment main parking lot at Half Dome Village. The proposed rink will be utilized during the winter season and then removed and stored at the Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area during the summer season. The ice rink will be installed by a third-party vendor, Everything Ice, Inc. The ice rink will be 60' x 120'.

A water connection in previously disturbed area of the orchard parking lot to access water from the existing 8" hydrant line is necessary to supply the 7000 gallons of water for initial set and 1000 gallons of water for daily maintenance. To access line and provide water service to the area, a trench of 65' x 12" x 36" is necessary. Compliance for the water supply will be completed at a later date.

Four 12' x 14' canvas tents on pier and post foundation (relocated from Boystown and not utilized in current contract) will be set adjacent to rink on south side to accommodate storage, visitor changing area, hot water tank, and skate rental. No concessions will be provided within service area. Three standard and one ADA portable toilets will be located within the fenced service area to provide for public comfort.

The mechanical unit producing the ice and the proprietary tube system operate at 73 dBa at 30'. This system will be on a 35 foot long trailer parked temporarily at the east side of rink. The rink dasher boards are constructed of galvanized steel frames.

Three temporary utility poles 4" x 4" x 16' poles will be attached to the relocated canvas tents on the south side of the rink to support 120 volt/70 watt high pressure sodium fixtures and sound system. Three additional utility poles will be permanently erected on the north side of the ice rink, just off the asphalt parking lot. The poles will be buried 6' in the ground with 25' above ground allowing placement of 208 volt/1000 watt quartz halogen tube lights in waterproof fixtures (as existed at former ice rink area). Halogen lights will provide direct lighting to the ice surface. Sodium lights will light the shadows on the ice as well as provide light to associated service areas. All lighting will be pointed downward to prevent light pollution.

A 100kW propane powered generator provided by the concessioner will be located adjacent to the refrigeration trailer on the east side of the rink. This installation will provide 400 amp electrical service for rink and 200 amp electrical service for amenities. The generator will use approximately 1500 gallons of propane per week. Associated amenities such as heat for tents and hot water production would require 200 gallons of propane per week. Generator would be utilized in 2016/2017 season and is intended to be replaced by appropriately sized transformer by NPS in fiscal year 2017.

Temporary fencing will be installed to define the Zamboni storage and operating area, secure the refrigeration/mechanical area, and define the fire pit area. Green snow fencing, as used at Yosemite Ski and Snowboard Area, will be utilized and installed without digging to provide temporary fencing that can be moved to allow area clearing after weather events.

Rubber flooring will be provided at the approximately 60' x 12' visitor entrance area on the south side of the rink. In addition, a 40' half circle of rubber flooring will be provided on the west side of the rink. A fire pit will be located on the west side of the rink as well.

The traffic pattern for the parking lot will allow for fire truck access on the south side of the rink allowing for one row of head-in parking north of existing historic tents.